What Should Middle School Students Be Doing Now To Prepare for High School

Many families ask what they should be doing to prepare for the high school admissions process. Below are some tips from our Director of High School Placement, Ms. Sarlo!

1. Aim for Excellence!

Report cards matter. Maintaining strong grades (S+s and above) shows schools that you are a serious student. If you are S+ student, strive to become an E- student. If you are an E student, aim to become an E+ student. Schools want to see strong middle school report cards.

2. Get To Know Your Teachers!

Most independent high schools require recommendation letters from current Math and English teachers. Teachers will be asked to evaluate you on your academic achievement, motivation, and potentials, as well as on your character, concern for others and maturity. Are you a student who adds to your class, or who detracts? Your teachers can easily speak to you as a student, but what can they say about you as a community member? Share your interests and hobbies with them!

3. Become Involved!

More and more, schools are looking for ‘high impact’ students. It’s not always enough to have good grades, but schools want students who will be active in the arts, sports, student government, etc. Participate in afterschool or Saturday programs. How will you add to your high school community?  

4. Read!

The easiest way to study for entrance exams is to build your vocabulary! Bring a book or newspaper with you on your commute and try to infer word meanings from context clues. Afterward, be sure to look up the new words in the dictionary!