About Our School

Our Mission

The mission of George Jackson Academy is to educate high achieving boys, regardless of their economic means, and to inspire courage, integrity, empathy and leadership. Students are presented with rigorous academic challenges that enable them to realize their highest potential. Founded in the Lasallian tradition — education of the head, the heart, and the spirit — the school is committed to graduating young men of character who excel in high school and beyond.

Our Program

George Jackson Academy offers a rigorous, values-oriented, research-based program that includes

An Outstanding Curriculum and Dedicated Teachers. GJA offers a robust curriculum, engaging instructional approaches, and adults who believe deeply in each student. Teachers at GJA are committed to challenging our boys with a curriculum that is well above grade level, and they offer support that makes high achievement possible. GJA teachers work hard to ensure that no student is left behind, which often means late night study sessions and extra reading assignments. By creating a place where the boys feel loved and supported, the boys at GJA do not hesitate to ask teachers or peers for help. As a community of brothers, GJA students build confidence in their support systems–and themselves–as they tackle challenging work.

Social and Emotional Support.Every GJA student has one-on-one counseling available to him any time throughout the year. Whether students are having trouble coping with the pressures of school, having an issue at home or just need someone to talk to, the GJA counseling team is always there for them. GJA creates an environment where the boys are comfortable speaking with their brothers about social and personal issues. The advisory system GJA employs creates small family units in which the boys create lifelong bond. Providing GJA students with the extra support they need includes time to expel energy with daily recess and physical education multiple times weekly.

An 11-Month Experience. After a short break at the end of  June,  GJA students attend our Summer Academy in July that includes art, creative writing, math, Spanish and test preparation. Our extended calendar ensures that our boys are well-prepared for the challenges of high school and beyond.

  • Founded in 2003
  • Serves bright, high-achieving middle school boys from across the New York Metropolitan Area 
  • 95% of students receive financial aid and families pay only what they can afford
  • Students matriculate into the best private, parochial and public schools in the city and across the nation
  • 100% of students graduate from high school
  • 98% graduate from college, many from the most selective colleges in the country