Enrichment at  GJA takes many forms. Through a number of partnerships and internal programs, the boys of GJA broaden their experiences daily.


In 2017 GJA became one of ten Whitney Partnership Schools. As a partner school our boys will have more hands-on time touring the Whitney Museum, an institution which showcases a diverse group of artists. The program will include guided visits, hands-on art making, classroom visits, family programs, and professional development for teachers.

A program of Bloomberg Philanthropies, Global Scholars exposes GJA boys to direct peer-to-peer communication with over 6000 students around the world. The program uses technology to allow the boys to develop cultural understanding, knowledge of the world, and global competency skills. Now in its 3rd year, the Global Scholars program is an integral part of our 6th grade curriculum.

In partnership with Juilliard, GJA has expanded our existing music program to include individual and group lessons taught by expertly trained Juilliard musicians. All our boys play an instrument, and with Juilliard’s training they will become even more skilled as musicians and music lovers.

NYU provides the boys of GJA with two counseling interns who work full time in the school. These interns are one of the core pieces of GJA’s extensive counseling program. The interns work one-on-one with students, with small groups and entire classes over the course of the year.

Through a long partnership with fencers Club all GJA students are trained in fencing, a sport that requires focus and agility. In addition to in school fencing, the Fencers Club is an important after school partner with GJA.


Boys run a two mile loop and do interval training at a nearby track.

Students build robots, using Lego type construction kits, for competitions.

One of GJA’s most popular clubs, students learn the basics of knitting and go on a field trip to a yarn store.

Students compete against one another to hone skills in chess, working on evolving problem solving and strategy skills.

Students look at music with the eye of a producer, as they break down songs and look for commonalities.

Boys take time to work on flexibility and balance in addition to mindfulness and strength training.

The boys learn about global systems, strong investments and how to examine the health of markets already in existence.