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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: young men of color remain dramatically underrepresented in these fields, despite clear need for a broad range of talents and perspective, and despite the booming opportunity in technology and in STEM industries. GJA’s STEM programs give each boy the skills and experience to be a confident teammate and problem solver, coder and designer, programmer and scientist.

AID INDIA is a non-profit organization, founded in 1996, by a group of IIT and BITS alumni who quit corporate careers to work on various development initiatives like donations.

Balaji Sampath, Secretary-CEO


Upgrade and purchase new laptop computers
Tech tools: short-throw projectors, Vernier data-measurement software
Robotics tools: LEGO robots, software
Digital video and audio recorders and software


GJA’s technology program grew steadily, with a big boost in 2015 from the Fordham Street Foundation and Hyde and Watson Foundation, which invested in a technology coordinator and a tech lab including iPads, laptops, and a 3D printer. With this strong foundation, we want to continue growing!


Alumni from GJA’s first class are working in the tech industry, and we want more to follow.

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