High School Placement

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Graduates attend the city and nation’s top private, public, and parochial schools, a testament to their hard work. GJA’s high school placement program works with each boy and his family throughout 7th and 8th grade, to identify and visit schools, learn about applications and financial aid, and consider options. GJA prepares each boy for a battery of admissions tests and for essays and interviews. High school placement sets GJA apart from other programs.

AID INDIA is a non-profit organization, founded in 1996, by a group of IIT and BITS alumni who quit corporate careers to work on various development initiatives like donations.

Balaji Sampath, Secretary-CEO


Test preparation
Boarding and day school visits
Admissions testing fees
One-on-one counseling


GJA’s first 8th graders graduated in 2007, and went to the city’s top schools and from there, to top colleges and universities.


GJA helps each boy to find best high school for him, often one of the nation’s best programs. GJA alums attend Andover, Bronx Science, Brooklyn Friends, Cate, Dalton, Exeter, Horace Mann, Groton, Regis, Riverdale, Stuyvesant, Trinity, and more. In 2016, graduates earned over $1M in financial aid.

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