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GJA Boys Learn About Fake News on Quartz

See the boys of GJA as they learn about fake news:

Alumnus Mandeep Singh Interviewed by President Barack Obama

GJA Alumni are doing incredible things. In early November GJA alumnus Mandeep Singh (GJA 2007, Packer Collegiate 2011, Columbia University 2015) was interviewed by President Barack Obama at the first ever Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago. Mandeep is a valued member of the GJA Associate Board, as well as founder of his own organization, Flip National, which […]

Why Alumni Should Reconnect with GJA

There’s something unique about attending an all-boys school like George Jackson Academy. You learned about brotherhood, about how to support your classmates, and how to be your best self. So many alums tell us GJA was a turning point in their lives, a place where they really figured out how to be leaders and friends. […]

Getting 6th Graders Ready for Middle School

It’s happened- and sooner than you were ready for. Your adorable and helpful son has changed. Before, he made his bed without question; now, his bed is a Mt. Everest of bedsheets and pillows. Before, he confided in you about everything and took in your advice like a sponge; now, he seeks out the support […]

What Should Middle School Students Be Doing Now To Prepare for High School

Many families ask what they should be doing to prepare for the high school admissions process. Below are some tips from our Director of High School Placement, Ms. Sarlo! 1. Aim for Excellence! Report cards matter. Maintaining strong grades (S+s and above) shows schools that you are a serious student. If you are S+ student, […]

Creating Life Long Learners

George Jackson Academy’s (GJA’s) curricular foundation is rooted in the importance of creating lifelong learners through critical thinking, conversation, and confidence. Each subject is planned from a school-wide Curricular Framework that utilizes high performing district best practices to teach specific academic and social skills pertinent to accompanying grades.  All skills, and classroom instruction, are designed […]