Why Boys?

Why All Boys Education?
Our namesake, George Jackson, spoke frequently about the power of his single-sex education. He remembered times spent with his brothers in an environment that tailored to how boys learn. At GJA, we provide our scholars schedules, curriculum and culture specifically targeted for the way boys learn. As the nation’s gender gap widens, with girls scoring higher on tests than boys, resulting in higher high school and college graduation rates, GJA is a place where boys don’t need to compete against females, just themselves. GJA alumni succeed in many co-ed learning environments after leaving GJA because of the confidence and growth their five years with us creates.


How We Do It
Challenging academic curriculum and engaging learning, with adults who model beliefs in their students’ abilities, hard work, and achievements.
Teachers and students at GJA value a commitment to engaging our boys in a curriculum above grade level, and the support to make that possible. GJA teachers work hard to ensure that no student is left behind, which often means late night study sessions and extra reading assignments. By creating a place where the boys feel loved and supported no matter their grades, the boys at GJA do not hesitate to ask teachers or peers for help. As a community of brothers GJA students build confidence in their support systems and themselves as they tackle challenging work.

Social-emotional and behavioral supports.

Every GJA student has one-on-one counseling available to them any time throughout the year. Whether they are having trouble coping with the pressures of school, having an issue at home or just need someone to talk to, the GJA counseling team is always there for them. GJA creates an environment where the boys are comfortable speaking with their brothers about social and personal issues. The advisory system GJA employs creates small family units in which the boys create life long bonds with not just teachers but students. Providing GJA students with the extra support they need includes time to expel energy with daily recess, and gym class multiple times weekly. Recess and gym make hours in the classroom possible. The boys are also taught fencing and swimming, giving them a way to focus energy.

Targeted supports to engage students in full-day and full-year learning, and to provide bridge knowledge to help them continue with success in selective, rigorous high school and college programs.

GJA students attend school 11 months annually, with a special summer program that includes art, creative writing, math, Spanish and test prep. GJA also offers multiple clubs and enrichments including yoga, running, gardening, knitting and statistics, plus many more. GJA creates a home for the boys where they feel comfortable accepting other learning opportunities and becoming lifelong learners.