Other Ways to Support GJA

You can support the boys of GJA in multiple ways.


Click here to buy items off the GJA wishlist. GJA is in need of books and equipment to enhance the lives of our boys.


Your time and expertise are valued gifts to GJA students. You can teach a class, speak at Career Day, tutor, or mentor. To learn more about these opportunities email smurphy@georgejacksonacademy.org.
Photo: Denise Bosco

Corporate Matches

Does your corporation match gifts you give to nonprofits? GJA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and eligible for matches at many corporations. We are happy to help you with the process in any way.

Join our Associate Board

GJA’s Associate Board is a caring group of people, ages 21-40, who work together to support the boys of GJA with their time, contacts, talents and donations. If you would like to learn more about the Associate Board email smurphy@georgejacksonacademy.org.

Buy a Ticket to Youth INC

A Celebration to Benefit New York Kids is the culmination of the Celebration Program, a year-long fundraising training program providing youth-serving organizations with the knowledge, skills, and tools to engage new supporters, raise more funds, and deliver more opportunities to youth. The event takes place Wednesday, November 14th at the Grand Hyatt. For tickets and more info, click here.

Have other idea? Call us at 212-228-6789.