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GJA students are challenged with an advanced curriculum matching their gifted abilities. This curriculum, in tandem with the culture of the school, builds boys that are strong, well informed and thoughtful leaders.

Lower School

The GJA lower school currently consists of 5th grade. Lower schoolers develop critical reading, writing, and math skills and explore a wealth of exciting ideas and tools across the sciences, math, ELA, social studies, and Spanish language. Lower school students change classes and teachers multiple times throughout the day, as they prepare for entry into the upper school, in a more contained environment. The lower school is a close community of brothers who support one another as friends and community.

In March 2019, starting with the academic year, 2020-2021, GJA’s Education Committee and Board of Trustees concluded that GJA will only serve students in grades 6-8. This will provide for a more typical and natural transition stage for youngsters, helping us to better focus on our resources and further enhance our offerings to middle schoolers.



Upper School

The GJA upper school school consists of grades 6, 7 and 8. Upper schoolers continue their explorations in reading, writing, and math, the sciences, math, ELA, social studies, and Spanish language while adding Latin, social justice and public speaking to the mix. Upper school students are also actively focused on high school placement. In upper school students form lifelong bonds that they carry into top colleges and beyond.


Summer Academy

Every student in grade 6, 7, and 8 attends GJA Summer Academy during the month of July. The Summer Academy is an engaging and challenging program which gives GJA students an extra class time to overcome the achievement gap between lower-income and more affluent students. Students study intensive courses, including critical reading, writing, and mathematics; they practice study skills, such as research, outlining, and technology use, and they prepare for high school applications through test prep, essay-writing, and research. Classes are taught by a mix of GJA teachers and outside educators.



At GJA, it is important that all students expand their horizons and have time to focus on learning outside of core subjects. GJA provides clubs and enrichments on a rotating schedule. In the past enrichments have included technology, chess, swimming, journalism, band, yoga, knitting, running, gardening, playwriting, robotics, yearbook, improv, economics and much more. Through partnerships GJA is able to provide more specific enrichments including Global Scholars, News Literacy Project, Boys Club of NY, Just for Kicks Swimming, Creative Writing with The New School, Music with Juilliard, fencing with the Fencers Club and as a Whitney Museum Partner School.