Faculty & Staff

Photo: Shana Schnur Photography,LLC

Teaching and Support Staff

GJA is home to 20 staff members and countless volunteers, led by Head of School, Andre Del Valle. Mr. Del Valle graduated from Syracuse University with a B.A. in Political Science and Psychology and holds two master’s degrees from Pace University with concentrations in Educational Administration and Teaching. Mr. Del Valle joined the faculty of GJA in 2004, becoming Assistant Head of School for Operations in 2007. His work at GJA includes leadership in all areas of school life: faculty development, admissions, fundraising, student/family outreach, and academics.

B.A. Spanish Language and Music

Colgate University, 2001

Spanish, Grade 5, 6; Math, Grade 6

B.S. Music Education, Penn State 1993

M.A. Jazz Studies, DePaul University 1997

Band (Instrument), Grades 4-8

B.A. Evolutionary Biology, Harvard College, 2013

Science, Grades 6-8

Lehman College, CUNY

Office Manager

B.A. English, Georgetown University, 2006

M.Div. Harvard University, 2013

Language Arts Grade 6; Public Speaking Grade 7

Operations Manager

B.A. Anthropology, New York University, 2009

M.A. Independent School Leadership, Columbia University

Language Arts and Social Studies, Grade 5

B.A. Mathematics, Queens College, CUNY, 2013

M.A. Mathematics Education, Columbia University, 2016 expected

Mathematics, Grade 7-8

B.S. Sociology, Belmont University, 2015

M.A. Teaching, Belmont University, 2018

Associate Teacher, Grade 5

B.A. History and French, Amherst College, 2009

M.Ed. Teacher Education Program in English Language Arts, Harvard University, 2011

MSt Celtic Studies, Oxford University, 2016

English and Civics, Grade 8

Senior Leadership Team

Title Name Qualifications
Interim Head of School Jay Underwood B.A., M.A.
Academic Dean Nicole McCabe B.A., M.S.
Director of High School Placement Bernadette Sarlo B.A., Certificate (College Counseling)
Interim Director of Development Gigi Verkaik B.A.
Alumni Affairs and Recruitment Manager Larissa Floy B.A.


In grades 4 and 5 classes are kept to 19 students or less, in 6, 7 and 8 classes are kept at 18 students or less.

The best way to contact teachers is via email. Their emails are generally the first letter of their first name followed by their last name @georgejacksonacademy.org.

All GJA students have a thorough advisory system in which each students sees his advisor up to nine times weekly in addition to class time.