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We believe that education must be directed toward the development of the whole person: body, mind, heart, and spirit.

During the years between childhood and adolescence, a special sense of confidence in one’s self and an understanding of the diversity of people need to be nurtured along with spiritual and social values. At GJA, we believe that children gifted with special talents who come from lower income families should be given special attention and opportunities. We support this belief by ensuring that the school and the family are partners in the education of our boys.

Brotherhood at GJA

Photo: Denise Bosco

As part of our whole-child approach to education our students learn to think critically, to engage academically, and to value their intellect as a unique and precious gift. Our single-sex program focuses young men on supportive, engaging academic and social development at the most critical time in their lives. The newly emerging person must be given the challenge, direction, and guidance necessary to approach the world with a confident sense of self. Therefore, the educational process should extend beyond the classroom. Thus, in concert with developing confidence in academic abilities, the students will learn from and interact with peers and teachers of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. No matter the differences the boys find in themselves, all students past, present and future at GJA are brothers.

Creating a family culture that supports emotional growth creates caring, sympathetic leaders. Our alumni become young men who are quick to lend support in complicated situations, who have the emotional intelligence to read people and use what they learn to succeed. Spending their middle school years with a class of brothers positions the boys at GJA uniquely to hone their abilities to listen, think creatively and be empathetic, the hallmarks of the world’s best leaders.

For George Jackson Academy

The Advisory System


The Homeroom-Advisory System in the school is the lynchpin for our student guidance program. The system reflects our mission and is the basis for a guidance system committed to assisting our students’ fullest possible development as ethical, moral, and thoughtful individuals. The goal of the program is the removal of obstacles to children’s academic and social-emotional growth and the promotion of the freedom that will allow all students to develop to the very best of their abilities.

Every student has an Advisor who is either a classroom teacher or an administrator. In both instances, the Advisor is primarily a resource for curricular and social-emotional guidance: s/he oversees the advisee’s schedule, academic progress, and general well-being within the school community. The Advisor is also the central liaison between the home and the School and between the student and his/her teachers.

For George Jackson Academy